Frequently Asked Questions

•Q: I am enrolled in the interior design course. Could you please tell me where the exam locations are. I live in Ohio.

The exam is proctored online through your computer, from your home or office. The exam is scheduled by you from an online portal. Instructions for the process are provided after logging into your student console on the CHSP site.

•Q: I am looking to get my CHSP certification by embarking on the Home Staging Course via NYIAD. Once CHSP certified, how long is the certification valid? Would I have to renew after a certain period of time?

Thank you for contacting CHSP certification. Congratulations on your decision to study with NYIAD, they offer an exceptional curriculum. CHSP certification is valid for 3 years after passing. You will be emailed a notice after 3 years to take a short "update" test.
The test is $60. for the proctor fee online, it is a short test and you will be emailed a few pages to study at that time. This is a standard process to keep the CHSP certification valid.

•Q: I recently signed up for the CHSP certification through NYIAD.
I was wondering how I am able to get my log in information?

Your welcome letter along with log in information typically takes 2-3 weeks to process. We suggest that students wait until they have completed their course to begin studying.

•Q: What is the best method used to study for this exam?

The students who achieve the highest grades create flashcards for definitions.